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Problems Encountered By UK Citizens When Applying For The E-2 Visa

The E2 investor visa is quite popular amongst UK Citizens.  Many British Citizens are currently resident in the UK visa the E2 visa. The flexibility the visa and the ability to renew indefinitely make the visa attractive for those looking to settle in the US. The United Kingdom became part of the treaty in July […]

Common Types Of US And UK Immigration Visas

The first step when emigrating to any country, especially the United States and the United Kingdom is to Identify the types of visa that are available, so you can shortlist those that can be applicable to your personal and business circumstance.   Common visas -Untied States B1 visa: a business visit visa that will enable […]

Brexit chaos and Immigration to the UK

On June 23, 2016, British citizens voted to leave the EU. This is popularly known as Brexit referencing British exit from the EU. Four years after the Brexit vote, there is still chaos and confusion about what this Brexit will mean in practical terms and for Immigrants currently in the UK, EU Citizens and the […]