Lawyers Alliance Global Network


Lawyers Alliance Global Network

An Alliance of Global Lawyers and Attorneys


Spokesperson LAGN

We are an alliance of global lawyers and attorneys. The networks started when dual-qualified attorneys (UK, US, Europe, and Africa) realized that many lawyers and attorneys are limited to networking in their own countries or jurisdiction, and there are few or no cross-border relationships with other lawyers. After consulting with a Business Development Analyst, they set up this alliance.

As the world gets smaller, many situations arise where a lawyer is handling a case that needs the input of a lawyer in another jurisdiction. In such cases, many lawyers search the internet (or Google) to find other lawyers in the required jurisdiction or country. Starting conversations with such lawyers may sometimes be strained for lack of familiarity, especially when the lawyer needs simple advice or a brief opinion.

Also, when one searches the internet, there is usually a spectrum of unrefined information. With our free membership, members can connect to each other at no cost. The data is already fine-tuned so that when you search the network, you will see a summarized portfolio of the lawyer you wish to contact. Being members of the same network is also an easy conversation starter.


Global alliance lawyers providing specialized, business-focused legal services

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Lawyers with diverse international practices​

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Experienced lawyers across six continents, advising clients on both global and local matters. ​

Each member firm is responsible for its own legal advice and services, and no member firm or partner of such firm may bind or act as agent for the network